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About Us

The Swing Arc and the Putting Swing Arc were designed and developed by PGA Tour coach, Ramon Bescansa.  While coaching a number of PGA Tour players, Bescansa continually received feedback from  players that the traditional “alignment stick” or “club” laying on the ground did not provide any real value to their training. Bescansa set out to create an “arc” that represented the club movement professional players actually did in their golf swings.  The Swing Arcs provide players of all skill levels a wonderful visual aid to help guide them to swing the club on the proper arc.  

In addition, Bescansa has designed the Swing Arcs to provide kinesthetic feedback, by allowing golfers to hit a variety of shots with the arc, making it incredibly versatile and easy to use.  Bescansa not only uses the Swing Arcs with his PGA Tour and KFT players that he coaches, but many players have transitioned to exclusively carrying the Swing Arcs in their bag. Given the  lightweight and sleek design, players can easily carry and use these tools wherever they are to ensure they are making repeatable efficient swings.

For several seasons, Bescansa began using both the Swing Arc and the Putting Swing Arc with one of his star athletes, Abraham Ancer.  Ancer, one of the top players on the PGA Tour (Ranked #11th in the World) uses the Swing Arcs extensively in his practice sessions.  Ancer loved the product so much, he invested in the brand to became an owner of the company. Ancer is widely considered one of the best ball strikers in the world and well known for his creativity, his shot selection and approach. Ancer, who learned the game without a swing coach, likes to keep his practice sessions very simple. The Swing Arcs allow Ancer to not only improve his game, but offers a simple and effective way to practice a wide variety of swing types. 

Check out our media library to see how Ancer uses the Swing Arc and the Putting Swing Arc so you can start practicing like the pros: